Methods in Ecology and Evolution Anniversary Symposium

The youngest BES journal, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, is now five years old. In celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the journal and its success so far, we held a one-day symposium, spanning two continents, on 22 April 2015. The UK section of the symposium was at Charles Darwin House, London and the Canadian section was held in the University of Calgary’s Alberta Room. There was live streaming of speakers across the two countries to end the UK event and to get things started in Calgary.

The Presentations

Mark Brewer, Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland
Model Selection and the Cult of AIC

Emily Brown, McGill University
Metabarcoding: Applications for biodiversity monitoring and invasive species detection

Natalie Cooper, Trinity College Dublin
Limitations of Phylogenetic Comparative Methods

Matt Davey, University of Cambridge
The Metabolic Phenotype in Contrasting Habitats

Paul Galpern, University of Calgary
Reading the Landscape: Detecting evidence of animal dispersal in spatial genomic data

Elena Ieno, Highland Statistics
Common Mistakes in Data Analysis and Strategies to Address Them

Louise Johnson, University of Reading
Experimental Evolution in Cancer Cell Lines

Kate Jones, University College London
Impact of Global Change on the Emergence and Spread of Zoonotic Infectious Diseases

Jason de Koning, University of Calgary
New Tools for Identifying Convergent Molecular Evolution across Entire Phylogenies

Mason Kulbaba, University of Calgary
Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms for the Study of Plant Sexual Systems

Greg McInerny, University of Oxford
Defy the defaults, understand the user: Reproducibility and visualisation in R

Nathalie Pettorelli, Zoological Society of London
Harnessing the Potential of Satellite Remote Sensing for Supporting Ecological Research

Sean Rogers, University of Calgary
Integration of Ecological Genomic Approaches in the Study of Adaptation and Speciation in Fishes

Iain Stott, University of Exeter
Methods Put to Good Use: Advances in population ecology through studies of transient demography

Bill Sutherland, President of the BES, University of Cambridge
New Methods in Monitoring

James Wasmuth, University of Calgary
The Trials and Celebrations of Working with Genomes from Non-model Eukaryotes

Janneke Wit, University of Calgary
Exploring population genomic approaches to identify genetic loci associated with anthelmintic drug resistance in parasitic nematodes

Sam Yeaman, University of British Columbia
Using individual-based simulations to model the genomics of adaptation

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