Virtual Issue: BES Young Investigator Awards – winners and highly commended papers 2014

Each year the BES awards a prize for the best paper, in each of its journals, by an author at the start of their research career. This Virtual Issue brings together the winning and highly commended papers selected by the editors from journal issues published in 2014.

Functional Ecology | Journal of Animal Ecology | Journal of Applied Ecology | Journal of Ecology | Methods in Ecology and Evolution


Winner of the Robert May Prize:  Laure Gallien
Identifying the Signal of Environmental Filtering and Competition in Invasion Patterns: A Contest of Approaches from Community Ecology
Laure Gallien, Marta Carboni, Tamara Münkemüller

Highly commended papers:
A Simple Measure of the Strength of Convergent Evolution
Kevin Arbuckle, Cheryl M. Bennett, Michael P. Speed

Improving species distribution models: the value of data on abundance
Christine Howard, Philip A. Stephens, James W. Pearce-Higgins, Richard D. Gregory, Stephen G. Willis


Winner of the Haldane Prize: Scott Ferrenberg
Smooth bark surfaces can defend trees against insect attack: resurrecting a ‘slippery’ hypothesis
Scott Ferrenberg, Jeffry B. Mitton

Highly commended papers:
Adaptive maternal and paternal effects: gamete plasticity in response to parental stress
Natasha Jensen, Richard M. Allen, Dustin J. Marshall

Hummingbirds can fuel expensive hovering flight completely with either exogenous glucose or fructose
Chris Chin Wah Chen, Kenneth Collins Welch Jr


Winner of the Elton Prize:  James Maino 
Reconciling theories for metabolic scaling
James L. Maino, Michael R. Kearney, Roger M. Nisbet, Sebastiaan A. L. M. Kooijman

Highly commended papers:
Linking social and pathogen transmission networks using microbial genetics in giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis)
Kimberly L. VanderWaal, Edward R. Atwill, Lynne. A. Isbell, Brenda McCowan

Age-related variation in energy expenditure in a long-lived bird within the envelope of an energy ceiling
Kyle H. Elliott, Maryline Le Vaillant , Akiko Kato, Anthony J. Gaston, Yan Ropert-Coudert, James F. Hare, John R. Speakman, Donald Croll


Winner of the Southwood Prize:  Katharina Gerstner
Effects of land use on plant diversity – A global meta-analysis
Katharina Gerstner, Carsten F. Dormann, Anke Stein, Ameur M. Manceur, Ralf Seppelt

Highly commended papers:
Effects of prey metapopulation structure on the viability of black-footed ferrets in plague-impacted landscapes: a metamodelling approach
Kevin T. Shoemaker, Robert C. Lacy, Michelle L. Verant, Barry W. Brook, Travis M. Livieri, Philip S. Miller, Damien A. Fordham, H. Resit Akçakaya

Land sharing vs. land sparing: does the compact city reconcile urban development and biodiversity conservation?
Masashi Soga, Yuichi Yamaura, Shinsuke Koike, Kevin J. Gaston


Winner of the Harper Prize:  Michiel Veldhuis 
A novel mechanism for grazing lawn formation: large herbivore-induced modification of the plant–soil water balance
Michiel P. Veldhuis, Ruth A. Howison, Rienk W. Fokkema, Elske Tielens, Han Olff

Highly commended papers:
Is there a ‘browse trap’? Dynamics of herbivore impacts on trees and grasses in an African savanna
Ann Carla Staver, William J. Bond

Competition for light and water play contrasting roles in driving diversity–productivity relationships in Iberian forests
Tommaso Jucker, Olivier Bouriaud, Daniel Avacaritei, Iulian Dănilă, Gabriel Duduman, Fernando Valladares and David A. Coomes


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