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How to access the Methods in Ecology and Evolution App.

Institutional Access

If you normally have access via your institution without needing to sign in to Wiley Online Library:

1. Register for a Wiley Online Library account, if you do not have one already.
2. Access Wiley Online Library from your institution’s network, and log in. If you are off-site and need help getting access to licensed content, contact your librarian.
3. Visit the roaming access section of "My Profile" and click "Activate Roaming Access."
4. Use your Wiley Online Library account to "Log In" to the app (see "Logging In to the App" below for more details).

You will now be able to access licensed content for 3 months, at which time you will need to re-activate roaming access.

BES Member access

If you normally have access via a Wiley Online Library username, simply use your Wiley Online Library account to "Log In" to the app (see "Logging In to the App" below for more details)

Logging In to the App

1. Upon first launch of the app, you'll see an overlay with a "Current Subscribers" section. From this overlay, tap "Learn how to get access".
    If you don't see the overlay, tap "Settings" (Gear Icon), then tap "Get Access".
2. Tap the "Log in" button.
3. Enter your Wiley Online Library account information and tap "Submit".
4. Tap "Confirm".

The app will confirm your details with Wiley Online Library and unlock your subscribed content.

If you are logged in to the app via Wiley Online Library, but still can't access content

This scenario could happen for two reasons:

1. Your Online Library account isn't correctly associated with your subscription(s). Use one of the methods above to associate your account (see "Institutional Access" or "Society Website Access"), then:
    1. From within the app, tap "Settings" (the gear icon).
    2. Tap "Refresh Account".

2. You are not licensed to view the content.
    o Check with your Institution or Society to inquire about subscribing to the journal. 
    o If available, purchase an individual subscription to the journal via Wiley Online Library.
    o If available, purchase an iPad only subscription to the journal from within the app.

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