Virtual Issue: Methods in Statistical Ecology

June 2016

At the last ISEC, in Montpellier in 2014, an informal survey suggested that Methods in Ecology and Evolution was the most cited journal in talks. This reflects the importance of statistical methods in ecology, and at MEE we are happy to reflect this, and indeed it is one reason for the success of the journal. In this virtual issue we present some very recent papers we have published which cross the divide between statistics and ecology. They range over most of the topics covered at ISEC, from statistical theory to abundance estimation and distance sampling.

We hope that MEE will be equally well represented in talks in Seattle, and also – just as in Montpellier – some of the work presented will find its way into the pages of MEE in the future.

Research Articles

A protocol for conducting and presenting results of regression-type analyses
Alain F. Zuur and Elena N. Ieno

The relative performance of AIC, AICC and BIC in the presence of unobserved heterogeneity
Mark J. Brewer, Adam Butler and Susan L. Cooksley

Experimentally derived likelihoods for light-based geolocation
Marinelle Basson, Mark V. Bravington, Jason R. Hartog and Toby A. Patterson

Exact Bayesian inference for animal movement in continuous time
Paul G. Blackwell, Mu Niu, Mark S. Lambert and Scott D. LaPoint

A functional model for characterizing long-distance movement behaviour
Frances E. Buderman, Mevin B. Hooten, Jacob S. Ivan and Tanya M. Shenk

Estimating abundance in the presence of species uncertainty
Thierry Chambert, Blake R. Hossack, LeeAnn Fishback and Jon M. Davenport

Fast and flexible Bayesian species distribution modelling using Gaussian processes
Nick Golding and Bethan V. Purse

An asymmetric logistic regression model for ecological data
Osamu Komori,Shinto Eguchi, Shiro Ikeda,Hiroshi Okamura, Momoko Ichinokawa and Shinichiro Nakayama

Optimizing ecological survey effort over space and time
Alana L. Moore and Michael A. McCarthy

Using latent variable models to identify large networks of species-to-species associations at different spatial scales
Otso Ovaskainen, Nerea Abrego, Panu Halme and David Dunson


Quantifying variable importance in a multimodel inference framework
Xingli Giam and Julian D. Olden


BORAL - Bayesian Ordination and Regression Analysis of Multivariate Abundance Data in R
Francis K.C. Hui


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