Virtual Issue: Top Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Edited by Rob Freckleton and Bob O'Hara
June 2014

What links tea bags, glove puppets, vandalism, and cheddar? Or catching birds, bug soup, criminal profiling, snow leopards and jaguars? Methods in Ecology and Evolution, obviously! We have now been publishing new methods for over 4 years, and the sheer variety of papers we have received is quite amazing: field, lab, statistics, simulations and computing. All areas of methodology have been covered, as have all areas of ecology and evolution: evolutionary biology, population genetics, conservation, stable isotopes, plant ecology, simulation modelling…the variety is almost overwhelming! In this Virtual Issue we have collated some of the most popular papers that we have published over the past four years, to showcase their high quality and diversity.

Our applications papers are always free, and all papers are free after 2 years; in addition all papers are completely free for BES members. So if you don’t have access already, why not join the BES, and along with all of the membership benefits you will get free access to MEE as a bonus?

Our editors and I will be attending some of the major ecology and evolution conferences this summer - so look out for us and do say hi!

Rob Freckleton
Executive Editor

Standard Papers

A protocol for data exploration to avoid common statistical problems
Alain F. Zuur, Elena N. Ieno, Chris S. Elphick

Do not log-transform count data
Robert B. O’Hara, D. Johan Kotze

The art of modelling range-shifting species
Jane Elith, Michael Kearney, Steven Phillips

Personal messages reduce vandalism and theft of unattended scientific equipment
B.-Markus Clarin, Eleftherios Bitzilekis,Björn M. Siemers, Holger R. Goerlitz

Comparing diversity data collected using a protocol designed for volunteers with results from a professional alternative
Ben G. Holt, Rodolfo Rioja-Nieto, M. Aaron MacNeil4, Jan Lupton and Carsten Rahbek

Simple means to improve the interpretability of regression coefficients
Holger Schielzeth

How safe is mist netting? evaluating the risk of injury and mortality to birds
Erica Spotswood, Kari Goodman, Jay Carlisle, Renée Cormier, Diana Humple, Josée Rousseau, Susan Guers and Gina Barton

A general and simple method for obtaining R2 from generalized linear mixed-effects models
Shinichi Nakagawa and Holger Schielzeth

Biodiversity soup: metabarcoding of arthropods for rapid biodiversity assessment and biomonitoring
Douglas W. Yu, Yinqiu Ji, Brent C. Emerson, Xiaoyang Wang, Chengxi Ye, Chunyan Yang and Zhaoli Ding

Getting started with meta-analysis
Freya Harrison


mvabund-an R package for model-based analysis of multivariate abundance data
Yi Wang, Ulrike Naumann, Stephen T. Wright and David I. Warton

PASSaGE: Pattern Analysis, Spatial Statistics and Geographic Exegesis. Version 2
Michael S. Rosenberg, Corey Devin Anderson

Cheddar: analysis and visualisation of ecological communities in R
Lawrence N. Hudson, Rob Emerson, Gareth B. Jenkins, Katrin Layer, Mark E. Ledger, Doris E. Pichler, Murray S. A. Thompson, Eoin J. O'Gorman, Guy Woodward and Daniel C. Reuman

geomorph: an r package for the collection and analysis of geometric morphometric shape data
Dean C. Adams and Erik Otárola-Castillo

FDiversity: a software package for the integrated analysis of functional diversity
Fernando Casanoves, Laura Pla, Julio A. Di Rienzo and Sandra Díaz

RNETLOGO: an R package for running and exploring individual-based models implemented in NETLOGO
Jan C. Thiele, Winfried Kurth and Volker Grimm

phytools: an R package for phylogenetic comparative biology (and other things)
Liam J. Revell

phyloGenerator: an automated phylogeny generation tool for ecologists
William D. Pearse and Andy Purvis

Diversitree: comparative phylogenetic analyses of diversification in R
Richard G. FitzJohn

IPMpack: an R package for integral projection models
Jessica E. Metcalf, Sean M. McMahon, Roberto Salguero-Gómez and Eelke Jongejans

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